Consent Workshops

Our consent workshops run at least once a month from September to April. The workshop is two hours long and will be held at the University of Victoria. They are free of charge, open to students and community members, and have a no late-comer policy.

Consent Workshops 

Volunteer Training

We are seeking enthusiastic and caring folks of all genders and backgrounds to participate in our 6 week intensive volunteer training program. Applications open August 21st.

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Find Support

Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. When you are asking for help about an issue that might feel really private, confusing and/or embarrassing, it is important to get support that is judgemental, without pressure, and informed.

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Supporting a Survivor Workshops

This workshop provides some foundations for supporting survivors of sexualized violence. Throughout the workshop we will discuss different approaches and tools that can be used when supporting someone. Workshops are offered several times throughout the fall and winter semesters, are open to everyone, and are free of charge.

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Sexualized Violence Awareness Week

A whole week of activities, events, and workshops dedicated to increasing awareness of how to create a campus culture of consent, talking about what sexualized and gender-based violence are, and learning about how to support survivors. This week is a collaboration between AVP, UVSS, and the Student Life Office (UVic).

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The Men’s Circle

The Men’s Circle at UVic aims to challenge gender-based violence and dominant constructions of masculinity. These gatherings are open to all men and masculine identified people (not just students!) so come and bring a friend or two!

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Perhaps a shift in the right direction

On March 20th the Status of Women Canada released their report Taking Action to End Violence Against Women and Girls in Canada. This report marks an institutional affirmation of things that have been said for so long by grassroots organizers and community organizations. While we are really excited to see where this shift in the right direction takes us, we...

What we got up to Jan – April 2017

Another semester is done and we want to con-grad-ulate everyone for all their accomplishments whether you graduated or not, whether you remained in classes, dropped out, or took some time off. We know how much it work it can take to get through a semester especially if you dealing with things like violence and/or mental health. Whatever you did to...

Kenya & Paloma take on Ottawa

This past October, AVP was invited by The House of Commons’ Standing Committee on the Status of Women to be part of their study on Violence Against Young Girls and Women specifically in relation to campus violence. Kenya and Paloma reflect on their experience presenting to the committee in Ottawa.
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Status of Women Canada released a report. Here are our thoughts on it:

consent workshop within the context of gay/bi/queer/pan/two-spirit & other communities of men who have sex with men!

In the midst of the worst overdose crisis in BC’s history, we invite those affected to gather at in Cntll Square

When people use words like "trigger" and "tramua" outside of their specific meaning within mental health, it's actually harmful to survivors

Similar stats in Canada. 80% of the time folks are sexually assaulted by someone they know.

listen to Jonathan from the men's circle - interviewed at 0:15:00 on July 17th …

just your daily reminder that when we only talk about #ViolenceAgainstWomen we erase experiences of trans and nonbinary folks

if you don't think #canada is a #racist country, you aren't paying attention. #resist150

Stand With Kwantlen and Nlaka'Pamux Against Kinder Morgan
event July 15th

ok. but what is up with Greases' line "did she put up a fight?" #rapeculture

hey folks. Unfortunately we are y able to host support tomorrow sorry for any inconveniences 💖

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