AVP is largely funded by student fees and we endeavor to uphold our accountability to UVic students by continually working on and improving our transparency about how we do our work and where we spent funds. In 2017, this finances reporting page was created to show students exactly how we are spending the income we receive. We will continue to post our budget summary for each fiscal year once our final income statements are created by the UVSS accounting team, usually by August of each year. Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like clarification on any of the accounts listed below by emailing our Support Coordinator at .

AVP Annual Budget, May 2020 to April 2021

IncomeYearly Total 
Undergraduate Student Fees $168,124.96
Graduate Student fees$15,737.59
Trust Fund opening balance (May 1, 2020)$71,250.00
Donations  $0.00
Other Income (BC Government subsidies 2020-2021)$74,564.21
Total Income (not including Trust Fund opening balance)$258,426.76
Cost of LabourYearly Total
Total Cost of Labour $159,049.58
Organizational Costs Yearly Total
Social Media/Website Costs/Outreach$1,024.28
Support Services/Gifting and Cards$1085.23
On-Campus Collaborations/Volunteer Training/Meetings$3,779.50
Administrative Costs Yearly Total
Rent, Phone$4,463.39
Admin costs – Photocopying, office supplies$194.77
Total Organizational and Administrative Costs$11,900.26
Total Expenses$170,949.84
Balance in Trust Fund for 2021-2022$158,726.92

AVP Annual Budget, May 2019 to April 2020

Income Yearly Total
Undergraduate Student Fees$157,345.73
Grad Student fees$5,751.74
Fundraising /Donations/Other Income$7,7796.62
Advo Salary Accrual (May only)$2,950.04
Total Income $173,844.13
Expenses Yearly Total 
Employer Health Tax$1,658.77
Salaries/Benefits/Food Discount$136,350.44
Total Staffing$138,009.21
Materials & ProgramsYearly Total
Building Maintenance$50.94
Other Entertainment Costs$0.00
Computer Supplies$4,217.70
Subscriptions/Books/Library Materials$69.41
Volunteer Training$1,133.43
General Travel$52.80
Education & Workshops$746.29
Support Supplies/zoom$79.90
Food for Meetings$18.71
Total Materials & Programs$7,904.21
Administrative CostsYearly Total
Telephone Line Rental$86.36
ZAP/copying costs$699.26
Office Supplies/Furniture$1,276.80
Total Administrative Costs $6,680.68
Total Expenses$152,594.10

AVP Annual Budget, May 2018 to April 2019

IncomeYearly Total 
Undergraduate Student Fees $154,340.19
Graduate Student fees$7,968.19
Salary Accrual $2,187.86
Fundraisers/donations  $4,876.80
UVSS Fees for Opt-In Bus Pass$1,268.01
Total Income $170,641.05
ExpensesYearly Total
Salaries / Benefits /work study$128,762.95
Total staffing $128,762.95
Materials and Programs Yearly Total
Volunteer Training, Community Engagement, Events, Books$2,059.34
Promotional Materials$2,230.59
Total Materials & Programs$4,529.53
Administrative Costs Yearly Total
Rent, Phone$4,679.08
Admin costs – Photocopying, office supplies$820.47
Total Administrative Costs$5,589.55
Total Expenses$138,882.03

Debit/Credit from Previous year (2017 to 21080 )= -$13,128.99

Balance Moving Forward=$18,630.03

AVP Annual Budget, May 2017 to April 2018

IncomeYearly Total
Undergraduate Fees$103,246.48
Graduate Fees$8,272.87
Facilitation Fees/Reimbursement$3,100.00
Salary Accrual (May only)$1,555.78
Total Income$118,498.02
ExpensesYearly Total
Total Staffing$112,337.83
Materials & ProgramsYearly Total
Volunteer Training, Community Engagement, Events, Books$1,442.95
Men’s Circle *(funds came from a Civil Forfeiture grant – and are not tabulated in the expenses)($4,380.23)
Promotional Materials$607.76
Sexualized Violence Awareness Week$1,742.50
Total Materials & Programs$4,285.65
Administrative CostsYearly Total
Rent/Phone$ 4,933.90
Admin costs – Photocopying, office supplies,stamps etc$1,083.31
Total Administrative Costs$10,250.47
Total Expenses$126,873.95

Annual Budget, May 2016 to April 2017

IncomeYearly Total
Undergraduate Student Fees$78,163.64
Grad Student fees$8,747.51
Facilitation Fees/Reimbursements$6,418.72
Total Income$93,329.87
ExpensesYearly Total
Total Staffing$123,092.75
Materials & ProgramsYearly Total
Volunteer Training, Community Engagement, Events, Books$7,942.61
Men’s Circle$2,224.17
Promotional Materials$1,321.80
Sexualized Violence Awareness Week$2,500.00
Total Materials & Programs$14,272.72
Administrative CostsYearly Total
Rent, Phone$4,367.99
Admin costs – Photocopying, office supplies$5,321.29
Office Renovations – one time cost$4,672.77
Total Administrative Costs$14,362.05
Total Expenses$151,727.52

As you can see, we successfully increased our funding from undergraduate students in 2017 and from graduate students in 2019, to fix the deficit our accounts were in due to increased demand. This means that we have more space in the budget to expand our services to keep up with demand, and address the specific forms of violence on campus that graduate students face, such as abusive and exploitative academic and work environments.

Rationale for 2017 UVSS referendum

The biggest change in the 2 years previous to the 2017 UVSS Referendum is that we created an Education Coordinator position. Previous to that, the Outreach Coordinator was doing all the organizing of workshops, responding to requests, organizing facilitators – and couldn’t do outreach work! We initially paid for it with a budget surplus and then we spent the surplus and needed a fee increase to keep up with the current amount of workshops we do (11 workshops in the fall 2017 semester) and say yes to the additional requests.

The fee increase also helped us meet support requests. (It super sucks when we have to say ‘no’ to survivors looking for support!) Staff only work 20 hours a week and have other commitments beyond support hours – like getting the budget done and up on the website so we can be transparent to you all! In 2 months previous to the 2017 referendum we did 35 support sessions – that’s 1/2 of all the support we did over the entire 2016/17 year. We’re super stoked more folks are talking about sexualized violence and it means we have more requests.