AVP Annual Budget, May 2016 to April 2017


Yearly Total
Undergraduate Student Fees $78,163.64
Grad Student fees $8,747.51
Facilitation Fees/Reimbursements $6,418.72

Total Income




Yearly Total
Salaries/Benefits/workstudy $123,092.75
Total Staffing $123,092.75

Materials & Programs

Yearly Total
Volunteer Training, Community Engagement, Events, Books $7,942.61
Men’s Circle $2,224.17
Promotional Materials $1,321.80
Website $284.14
Sexualized Violence Awareness Week $2,500.00
Total Materials & Programs $14,272.72

Administrative Costs

Yearly Total
Rent, Phone $4,367.99
Admin costs – Photocopying, office supplies $5,321.29
Office Renovations – one time cost $4,672.77
Total Administrative Costs $14,362.05

Total Expenses


General Ending Statement

Yearly Total
Debit/Credit -$58,397.65

The biggest change in the past 2 years is that we created an Education Coordinator position. Previous to that, the Outreach Coordinator was doing all the organizing of workshops, responding to requests, organizing facilitators – and couldn’t do outreach work! We initially paid for it with a budget surplus and now we’ve spent the surplus and need a fee increase to keep up with the current amount of workshops we do (11 this semester) and say yes to the additional requests.

The fee increase will also help us meet support requests. <!– It super sucks when we have to say ‘no’ to survivors looking for support. –> Right now staff only work 20 hours a week and have other commitments beyond support hours – like getting the budget done and up on the website so we can be transparent to you all! In the last 2 months we’ve done 35 support sessions – that’s 1/2 of all the support we did over the entire 2016/17 year. We’re super stoked more folks are talking about sexualized violence and it means we have more requests.

In 2017/18 we expect to see continued increase for request for our service.

<!– Got other questions? Pls email us at support@antiviolenceproject.org, drop by B027 in the SUB, or call us at 250-721-8080. There will be staff in the office from 11 – 5 Thurs Nov 9 to answer your questions. You can also find us out tabling Thurs and handing out our awesome free resources and swag –  buttons, stickers, and consent coasters –>