Receiving a disclosure can feel intimidating if you don’t know how best to respond, which is why the Anti-Violence Project has designed this workshop to address how we can all support the survivors in our lives.

Throughout the workshop we will cover the very important differences between support, disclosure and reporting and provide some foundations for supporting survivors of sexualized violence. We will discuss different approaches and tools that can be used when supporting someone, including: active listening, believing survivors, busting myths, showing empathy and making referrals. This participatory workshop also includes time to practice support skills through activities and optional role-playing.

While the focus of this workshop is supporting survivors of sexualized violence, many of the topics and skills we cover will be applicable to support in other contexts.

This free workshop is two and a half hours long and will be held at the University of Victoria Student Union Building. It’s open to students, staff and faculty as well as community members. We have a no late-comer practice.

Snacks and tea will be provided!


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We recommend that folks interested in this workshop first attend our Understanding Consent Culture workshop, as many of the ideas in this workshop build on ideas we explored in the consent workshop.

Accessibility notes

Do you have any accessibility needs? With appropriate time we can access transcribers and interpreters. The room is wheelchair accessible, we have a no scent policy, and there will be gender inclusive washrooms nearby. Bus tickets are available; please note this when you register.