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Print resources

The following are a selection of print resources that we have found useful in our work at AVP; please check back for more articles to come. If you find that one of our links no longer works or you would like to suggest materials to us, please contact us and let us know.


Consent is Sexy by Kailey Willetts

Injustice at Every Turn: a report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

Seeking the Breaking Point: Violence and Justice in Canada by Sarah Hunt

Naming the violence that has taken our sisters by Joyce Green

SisterSong link: What is Reproductive Justice?

Restoring Camas and Culture to Lekwungen and Victoria: An interview with Lekwungen Cheryl Bryce by Briony Penn

Amnesty International Canada’s Stolen Sisters: A Human Rights Response to Discrimination and Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada Report

Scarleteen: How You Guys – That’s Right, You Guys – Can Prevent Rape

Expanding our understanding of gendered violence: violence against trans people and loved ones By Joshua Mira Goldberg and Caroline White

To Slide or to Slice: Finding a Positive Sexual Metaphor by Carly Dreyfus

Position Paper on Violence against Women without Immigration Status – West Coast LEAF, May 2012

Intersecting Inequalities:Immigrant Women of Colour, Violence & Health Care – Yasmin Jiwani, 2001, FREDA Centre for Research on Violence against Women and Children

A Complex Web: Access to Justice for Abused Immigrant Women in New Brunswick – Dr. Baukje Miedema and Dr. Sandra Wachholz, Status of Women Canada

FREDA Centre for Research on Violence against Women and Children, Publications

The Challenging Male Supremacy Project: Experiments in Transformative Justice

Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Colour by Kimberle Crenshaw

Some Notes on Rape Culture by LaToya Peterson – we can no longer find this online, if you know a link please let us know

Metis Women: Strong and Beautiful, Metis Centre @ NAHO

Decriminalization of sex work and Indigenous youth and communities – a response from the Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Safer sex work: the case for decriminalization by Robyn Maynard

Missing Women’s Commission Flounders: Groups looking elsewhere for answers to murder, disappearance of Aboriginal women by Angela Sterritt

Not an Indian Tradition: The Sexual Colonization of Native Peoples by Andrea Smith

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Excerpt from “Selling Sex” by Dr. Sarah Hunt – Decolonizing Sex Work: Developing an Intersectional Indigenous Approach


Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault by UBUNTU

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