Get involved with AVP

With our offices in the SUB closed and physical distancing policies in place, we have moved our work online. If you’re interested in getting involved with us, such as by writing a blog post, making a zine, or supporting our work in other ways, please get in touch at . We look forward to hearing from you!

At AVP, there are lots of different ways that folks can get involved in our work in addressing and ending violence. Here are some ideas.

Volunteer with us

  • Interested in being an AVP Volunteer? We run a comprehensive 35 hour volunteer training every year, which is open to people of all genders and does not require that someone be a UVic student.
  • Once training is completed, AVP volunteers take on a variety of tasks including but not limited to: facilitating workshops, running peer-based support hours, tabling outreach, volunteering at events and much more!

Volunteer with us


Find out more

Let’s Get Consensual

Let’s Get Consensual webpage

Sexualized Violence Awareness Week

In September as students return to campus, get involved in events surrounding Sexualized Violence Awareness Week.

More about SVAW

Men’s circle at UVic

  • Attend a Men’s Circle meeting. This is a space where men and masculine-identified folks, including (but not limited to!) transmasculine, genderqueer, and non-binary folks, can meet to participate in unlearning and challenging patriarchy and other various interlocking forms of oppression, in our minds and in our communities. 

Men’s circle

Community projects

  • Tell us about a project you are working on that you’d like us to support.
  • We seek to support events that address violence in multiple forms, that take into account the intersectional nature of gender-based violence, that acknowledge and confront ongoing colonialism, and that promote sex-positivity and celebrate resistance.
  • We might be able to provide financial support, promotional support, volunteer support and/or support in other forms, as needed.

At the office

  • Contact us for support services or come by the office during office hours. We run free, confidential, peer-based support sessions weekly. 
  • Check out our lending library: We have a selection of books, zines, DVDs, and other materials available in the support room at the Anti-Violence Project. Anyone who would like to borrow materials can; you don’t have to be a UVic student and you don’t need to show ID. 
  • Come by our office in the basement of the SUB for safe sex supplies such as condoms, lube and gloves. Stocks are kept outside the office, so you can come by whenever and take what you need anonymously. 



  • If you have any questions about accessibility needs, or ways that we can help to ensure that getting involved can work for you, please contact us!
  • The office is located in the basement of the UVSS Student Union Building, with elevator access available on the first floor. We offer a scent free space.

We are always open to other ways for folks to be involved with the Anti Violence Project. If you have some ideas on how to get involved, please send us your feedback