AVP’s Workshops

We are currently offering online and in person sessions of our free workshops! The first is our Understanding Consent Culture Workshop, and the second is our Supporting a Survivor Workshop, both of which will be run multiple times throughout the semester.

Both workshops are filled with opportunities for discussion and learning new practical skills. Whether you’re learning about consent and support for the first time or these are topics you’re familiar with, these workshops offer the chance to cover some basics and dive into the nuances. All our workshops are open to anyone – students, faculty, staff and community members.

Workshops are free but registration is required and participants will receive a secure Zoom videoconferencing link or directions to the venue to your email. UVic students can also receive co-curricular credit for attending AVP workshops which looks great on your transcript.

Consent workshop

Support workshop

Boundaries workshop

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Workshops by request

If you have a group of eight or more you’d like to be trained together, please email our Education Coordinator to arrange a workshop for your group. Please note that we are currently limiting the number of off-campus workshops we take on due to capacity.

Other workshop on campus

There are so many wonderful resources on campus and beyond, here’s a list of some of the workshops offered by other groups at UVic.

Gender Diversity

Join facilitators from the Gender Empowerment Centre to learn more about the nuances of gender identity, gender expression, sex, as well as attraction. They discuss the diversity of gender identities, disrupting normative gender expectations, using pronouns, and tips for incorporating gender inclusion into your daily life. More Information 

Tools for Change: Preventing Sexualized Violence at UVic

Offered by the UVic Sexualized Prevention Resource Office and the Office of Student Life, this workshop is for students who want to be a part of a culture shift at UVic. It is especially important and useful for those who have not taken sexualized violence prevention training in the past and/or those with want to learn more about UVic’s work to prevent sexualized violence. More Information 

Bringing in the Bystander Workshop

Offered by the UVic Office of Student Life, the “Bringing in the Bystander” workshop teaches students how to overcome resistance to checking in and intervening when they observe the potential for sexualized violence to occur. By empowering students to become active bystanders, they hope to create a compassionate community response to preventing sexualized violence and fostering a safer environment on campus. More Information