Workshop: Understanding Consent Culture

At the Anti-Violence Project, we believe in striving to create a culture of consent and care where everyone is free from violence. Come be part of the conversation about how we can build this world together!

This online workshop is intended to provide folks with the information, skills, and opportunity to understand and practice consent. Through activities and discussion, we will bust myths about sexualized violence and gender, explore the concept of rape culture and learn about consent (what it is, why it’s required, how to practice it). 

This consent workshop offers a chance for us to talk in a supportive and sex positive virtual space about how we can build consent into our everyday lives and into our relationships with the people we care about. Whether you’re learning about consent for the first time or you know you care deeply about this topic, taking part in this workshop will provide you with some foundational principles and a chance to dive into the nuances of consent. 

These free workshops are two hours long and have a no late-comer policy. Open to students, staff, and faculty as well as community members!

Registration is required for all AVP workshops.

Consent workshop dates

  • Forthcoming
  • Thursday, February 2nd – 5-7 pm (In Person)
  • Wednesday, March 8th – 5-7 pm (Zoom)
  • Thursday, April 6th – 5-7 pm (In Person)

Accessibility notes

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, AVP workshops will be held both online using Zoom, a video conferencing platform, and in person at the UVic Student Union Building. For in person events, we encourage the use of masks to protect our community. Virtual workshops will have automatic live captioning. If you have other accessibility questions or needs, please contact us. With appropriate time we can arrange interpreters or make funds available for other accessibility needs including childcare. If you are a University of Victoria student, you can borrow a laptop for free from the library, more info here.