Surviving in the Intersections: Sexualized Violence Prevention

Keynote speaker Darnell Moore, a renowned social justice educator whose work addresses how violence impacts different intersections of identity based on race, gender identity, and sexual orientation. PEERS Victoria is hosting a panel discussion on sexualized violence in the sex work industry as part of this event.

Sexualized Violence Awareness Week – Sex Work 101

Peers Victoria Resources Society will be facilitating a workshop on Sex Work 101! There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding sex work and we’re here to bust them with you! Let’s talk about the effects of stigma, and strategies for

Sexualized Violence Awareness Week – An Evening for Survivors

We are hosting an event to honour the advocacy and resiliency of survivors and those impacted by sexualized violence. Come share space with us on the final evening of Sexualized Violence Awareness Week to thank survivors and those impacted by sexualized violence for their crucial role in creating UVic’s first ever Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy.

Bystander Intervention Training – UVic Office of Student Life

This training teaches students how to overcome resistance to checking in and intervening when they observe the potential for sexualized violence to occur. By empowering students to become active bystanders, the UVic Office of Student Life hopes to create a compassionate community response to preventing sexualized violence and fostering a safer environment on campus.