We have a line up of new dates and meetings for 2017.

By captain snowdon | 2017-01-16 | News

Chalk art on the sidewalk says "Men can stop rape"

The Men’s Circle is kicking off a new semester at UVic. Wednesday, January 18th, is the first circle. And we have a bunch of new dates planned for the next few months. At this session we will be re-introducing ourselves, getting to know each other over some food and then setting the ground work for the next few sessions; there are seven meetings happening this semester.

What are we going to talk about?

  • Expectations for the group and each other
  • What you want to see happen
  • Masculinities, of course

Sound like a plan? Awesome. Spread the word and see you this Wednesday!

The Men’s Circle is a place where men and masculine-identified folks meet regularly to discuss issues of power and oppression. We work together to envision and cultivate positive expressions of masculinity and to support one another in developing tolls to challenge patriarchy, rape culture, and other forms of violence.



A new semester of the Men’s Circle at UVic

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