National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Today a crowd united on the traditional territory of the WSANEC peoples to remember the lives of fourteen women gunned down in their institute of learning, in Montreal, 29 years ago.

Today is not just about these individuals, but it is also an opportunity for us all to take a moment to reflect on the struggles of Indigenous women who are still facing colonial violence;  transgender and non-binary folks, and cisgender women who are racialized or marginalized. Today’s ceremony was very powerful in that it included the voices of marginalized women followed by a silent walk in solidarity with allies who are finding their voice and using their power and position to uphold others. Looking at the faces of these fourteen women I am moved to sadness, for their families and a life cut short by brutality. Looking at the faces of these fourteen women I question how and when did Canada decide that these white, cisgender women are now Canada’s symbol in the struggle to end gender-based violence.  Every time you hear their story think not only of them but of the many more whose names we do not say.

Ann-Marie Barbara Annie Maryse Helene Nathalie Maud Genevieve Maryse Ann-Marie Sonia Michele Annie Barbara


Sharyn Carroll


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