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Happy Black History Month

Centering Black Survivors

During Black History Month we want to make space for celebrating the rich cultural traditions and contributions of the Black communities while recognizing the importance and need to reflect on the ongoing anti-Black racism and its impact on the Black communities.  

We understand this as a time to both celebrate the accomplishments of Black individuals in our community,  learn about black struggles and make a commitment to taking action on ending ongoing anti-black racism oppression black people continue to experience. 

 In particular, the Anti-violence Project wants to center on black survivors pointing out and acknowledging the impact of anti-black racism and gender-based violence on black survivors.  

We believe we cannot talk about the impact of gender-based on black survivors without talking about the connection between gender-based violence and anti-black racism. Black individuals are more likely to be targeted for the experience of gender-based violence based on the color of their skin. Black survivors continue to navigate intersections of gender-based violence and anti-black racism which creates unique barriers for them not only experiencing the violence but also accessing support and healing after the experience of violence. This is why it is vital for service providers and organizations doing the work of gender-based violence need to adapt and utilize an intersectional approach to their work and support services they provide to Black survivors. AVP has always employed an intersectional lens to our work and support because we believe gender-based violence and colonial violence cannot be separated.  If we want to end gender-based and sexualized violence we need to end all kinds of violence including racism, colonialism, homophobia, sexism, and all other forms of oppressive systems.  

To Black survivors, we want you to know as the AVP team we are here for you this Black History Month and every day to listen and direct you to support services that suit your needs. We understand that accessing better support and healing includes folks being able to access support services that allow them to speak with people with similar identities and lived experiences as the survivor. We are happy to share that two of our staff members are Black.

If you would like them to support you, please call 778-400-5007 or email our support coordinator at and our outreach coordinator at .

For more information about understanding the connection between gender-based violence and sexualized violence and anti-Black racism as well as some resources for Black survivors check out the list of resources below compiled by Possibility Seeds https://www.possibilityseeds. All the resources are from Possibility Seed’s blog except for one resource

 The connection between gender-based violence and anti-Black racism: 

 Support Resources For Black Survivors 

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