You are invited to the Anti-Violence Project’s Open House

During this past year, The Anti-Violence Project saw more and more people impacted by intersecting forms of violence. Simultaneously, we worked hard to find ways to support survivors and others virtually. As we begin 2021, we are excited to continue this work and find ways to provide support, education and advocacy for folks impacted by sexualized and gender-based violence. But AVP needs your engagement and ideas to help us plan the direction of support, education and outreach programming in the future.

Please join us for the Anti-Violence Project’s Open House will run from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Monday, February 2, 2021, online via Zoom. The event will include a brief overview of AVP’s 25+ year history and presentations by staff on our activities this year, followed by a facilitated “conversation café” in which attendees can discuss and provide their own thoughts and suggestions on several topics related to AVP’s work.

Who is this for?

If you’ve never heard of AVP, this is a great chance to be introduced to us and the work that we do. If you already know a lot about AVP, great! This is still an event for you, as we would love to hear your ideas about where we should be heading in the long-term and what activities or causes we should be prioritizing.

As we are funded solely by student fees, we are hoping that undergraduate and graduate students at UVic will register and attend to share their thoughts. Community members, including past AVP staff and volunteers, are also encouraged to register if they would like to join us.

What will you get out of this? Well, you’ll get a chance to offer some direction in how we support folks on UVic’s campus as well as in the broader community. You’ll also get to meet and connect with other students and community members are committed to working against oppression and violence.

We’re hoping that folks who attend might be interested in being part of an advisory collective that will guide the long-term planning and goals for AVP, but you can attend regardless of your interest in being part of that collective.


We are trying to keep this as accessible a space as possible, keeping in mind that many different folks in the community experience accessibility barriers in different ways. If you’d rather share your thoughts in written form via email, that’s totally okay, and we can send you a list of questions we’ll be asking at the event to get you started. If you only want to call in to the event, that’s totally okay. If you need funding for child-care to attend or funding for other access needs, please get in touch.

We want to increase transparency about the work we do, and so following the Open House we will publish a report of the feedback we received and the next steps we are planning to take.

How to register

We are handling registration for this free event through Eventbrite. There are limited spaces available, so if you want to attend, please register as soon as you can!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact Kemi, at .

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