SEXPO Resources

SEXPO has arrived!!! We are so excited for everyone to enjoy the incredible panels, workshops, vendor fairs, and entertainment that the UVSS Advocacy Groups have put together for you!

We know that having conversations about sexual health and sexuality can be difficult sometimes, and we want to make sure you have multiple ways to reach out for different types of support when you need it. There are lots of awesome resources available to you both on- and off-campus. If you would like to access the digital version of our SEXPO Resources brochure, please click on the link below.

Access the PDF version here: SEXPO Resources brochure

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Jordana Pangburn (she/her) for creating this awesome brochure! We are so grateful for all the volunteers that are working hard to make this week-long event a success. We appreciate you all so much!

If you want to check out more resources, take a look at our off-campus resources page for services in the Victoria community.

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