View of a river at Gorge Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Colourful Sunny Summer Sunset.

Still Here and Speaking: The Clothesline Project

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP), University of Victoria’s on-campus sexual assault centre, is launching an exhibit of the collaborative “Clothesline Project” at the Solstice Cafe. This purpose of this project was to provide a medium for survivors and allies to express their thoughts and their experiences of violence, particularly sexualized violence.
The artwork created by community members for the “Clothesline Project” will be at Solstice from September 15 until October 14. There will also be an outdoor installation in Centennial Square on September 25th and at the University of Victoria on September 26, 28, and 29.

In sharing the art created, we aim to increase the awareness of the impact of violence, celebrate a person’s strength to survive and provide an avenue to break the silence that surrounds violence as we work towards the creation of a less violent society and communities.

Please join us on September 21 from 7-10 pm for cake, performances and an opportunity to see the t-shirts that make up this powerful, collaborative project. To learn more about the “Clothesline Project” or to RSVP for the launch on September 21, please email

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