Marwo Abdi, Support Coordinator

Picture of Marwo Abdi, Support Coordinator

Marwo Abdi is an Eastern African woman. She was born in Somalia and grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya. She has been an uninvited visitor living on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples for almost ten years. After living in a refugee camp for many years she was able to receive a scholarship to the University of Victoria where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. While living in the refugee camp Marwo did extensive advocacy work around gender-based violence and girl’s access to education. Marwo is passionate about social justice issues facing us in today’s world. She is extremely excited about being the Support Coordinator at the Anti-Violence Project and doing work around gender based violence and supporting survivors and people who have caused harm, while creating communities of care and consent.

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Kemi Craig, Outreach Coordinator

Kemi is a cisgender woman of African descent raised in the Cherokee and Catawba territories (aka North and South Carolina). She has been an uninvited guest in Lekwungen and W̱ŚANÉC territories since 2002 working with artist-run centres and advocacy groups such as CineVic, the Students of Colour Collective, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and CFUV Radio. Kemi has an extensive background in using media art and movement as tools for promoting social justice, with a lens on gender and racialization. Kemi is excited to be working with AVP and is dedicated to building relationships through community events!

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Paloma Ponti, Education Coordinator

Paloma Ponti, volunteer coordinator

Born and raised on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples, Paloma Ponti is a cisgender settler woman. As a white presenting person of “mixed-race”, Paloma often struggles to locate herself while both acknowledging her Colombian roots and her own white privilege, and is consistently deepening her learning about this. Paloma began working on sexualized violence prevention at age 15 as a member of Project Respect’s Youth Social Action Team and Hollaback! Victoria, BC. She continues to expand her understanding of systems of oppression as a UVic Gender Studies and Social Justice Studies student and now in her work at AVP. She is constantly inspired by the strong feminists in her life including her rad grandmother who taught the first Women’s Studies course at UVic in the 1970s. When not swamped by work and school, Paloma loves weaving, knitting and attempting to play the ukulele.

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Serena Bhandar, Community Relations Coordinator

Serena Bhandar, Community Relations Coordinator

Serena currently lives, works and writes on unceded Lekwungen, W̱SÁNEĆ and Esquimalt territories. As a mixed-race Punjabi Sikh/Welsh/Irish woman, and genderfluid and panromantic femme, she draws much of her creative power and fortitude from the unwavering ambiguity of her intersections. Her arts degree at UVic specialized in fiction and professional communication, among other subjects, and she can often be found musing at the worlds captured in a puddle’s reflection, with words in her heart and a wish on her lips. In addition to working with a number of social justice organizations in town, she previously moonlighted as a technical writer and website designer for government. On that note, please let her know if you have any questions about navigating bureaucracies and the corporate world, either on campus or beyond it. She can most easily be reached by messenger owl, or failing that, by email.

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Alida Kelly, Volunteer Organizer

Image of Alida Kelly holding a kitten while standing in the forest.

Alida is a queer woman and Dutch/Irish settler who grew up where the rocky mountains become foothills on the territory of the Stoney Nakoda Nation (Treaty 7) in rural central Alberta. She is grateful to have spent the last four years living on Lekwungen and WSANEC territories while studying Social Work and Applied Theatre at UVic. As a dance and theatre artist, she is interested in anti oppressive methods in the creative process, and is fascinated by the body as a holder and teller of stories. As a person, she’s interested in growing food, trying to take her kitten for walks, and talking to kids about feminism. She’s very excited for the opportunity to work with an organization that’s committed to community care, centring survivors, and to practices that reflect what a safer world could look like.

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Quin Djurickovic, Facilitator & Writer

Quin, facilitator with AVP, holds their hair up.

Quin is a violence prevention worker at Peers Victoria and has been doing community organizing for seven years. They have a Bachelor of Physical Health & Education from Queen’s University and have been volunteering with AVP since the fall of 2016. Quin is into sunny days, jean vests, herbal tea, and heart to heart conversations.

Yasmine El-Hamamsy

Yasmine El-Hamamsy, volunteer with the Anti-Violence Project

Yasmine has lived as an uninvited settler on Kanien’kehá:ka and Siksika territories, before moving to territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples to study Political Science at the University of Victoria. Yasmine is a program assistant at the Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives. She has worked abroad in a refugee support centre in Malaysia. She has an honours degree in in Political Science and wrote a thesis on asylum-seekers, state-violence, human “illegality” and resistance. She is a cisgender able-bodied woman. As a “mixed race,” first-generation North American from Arab and European heritage, she continues to learn to acknowledge her white privilege, self-locate, and balance her identity within and without these various cultural contexts. Yasmine began volunteering with the AVP in the fall of 2016 in the hopes of learning about and contributing to communities and relationships of care and support.

Brydon Kramer

Brydon Kramer stands outside at the University of Victoria, outside of the AVP office, wearing a button up shirt, on Lkwungen Territory.

Brydon is a graduate student in political science with a focus on cultural, social, political thought. Brydon was the Director at Large on the University of Victoria Student Society’s Board of Directors. While involved with student leadership he was a co-chair with the Let’s Get Consensual Consensual campaign and Brydon has been attending and participating on the Men’s Circle for three years. Brydon is a cisgender straight white settler man with able-bodied privilege. Born and raised on Nakoda territory, Brydon moved to Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territory to attend university at UVic in 2011.

Esther Lindokken

Esther has been an uninvited settler on the lands of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples for 13 years. She has an honours degree in philosophy from the University of Victoria.  She began volunteering with AVP in the fall of 2017. Since she started facilitating workshops with AVP, Esther has learned so much about consent, support, and oppressive systems, and hopes to continue to have the opportunity to chat with various folks about these topics.