Reflection Project

In the summer of 2017, a small group of AVP staff and volunteers set out to create two documents: one to submit as a funding report, and the other to serve as a resource about our experiences and reflections on the Men’s Circle at UVic. Here are those two documents:

     Pile of blank with paper, text reads "The Men's Circle @ UVic Funding Report 2017"

Other Resources

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some resources compiled on masculinity and men. For more resources check out our general resource page here.

Proof of Male Privilege by Jon Greenberg

Patriarchy Hurts Men (Video) by Notjohnjones

Violence Against Women – It’s a Men’s Issue (Video) by Jackson Katz

A Call to Men (Video) by Tony Porter

30+ Examples of Male Privilege by Sam Killermann

4 Ways Men Can Take On More Emotional Labor In Relationships (And Why We Should) by Philippe Leonard Fradet

A New Masculinity: Why I Need Feminism as a Man by Jamie Utt

#BeThatGuy: 7+ Everyday Ways Men Can Transform Masculinity by Jamie Utt

Come At Me Bro!! Men and Conflict Resolution by Jeff Perera 

“I Can’t Help Myself”: Do Men Need to be Saved from Themselves? by Jeff Perera 

Of Dogs and Lizards – A Parable of Privilege by Sindelókë

How To Fight (Video) by Carlos Andrés Gómez