Maybe you or someone you know have experienced violence, or maybe you saw a film or a speaker and now you want to do something about violence.

Prevention of gender-based violence through outreach and education is one of the main activities of AVP. Knowledge is power, and increasing awareness of the issue is one of the most effective ways to create social change.

Check out our pamphlet, What You Can Do about Gender-Based Violence (PDF)

How can I get involved in prevention?

Volunteering with us or another community organization is a great way to get involved, or maybe you’ll get involved by increasing your own understanding of the impact of gender-based violence, learning more about some of the social and cultural contributors to gender-based violence, as well as myths about gender-based violence. We have a section about how what AVP see’s as men’s role in ending gender-based violence and the role of people of all genders in ending gender-based violence as well as numerous links in our library of resources

Maybe you are already organizing an event or project that promotes the prevention of gender-based violence. If you would like our support or would like to collaborate on a project with us, please fill out our request form for support

We also offer workshops and presentations. Please let us know if you are interested in having AVP present to a group or at an event that you are involved with.