The Anti-Violence Project is located on the lower level of the UVic Student Union Building (SUB), Room B027.

Across from the bus loop

The Student Union Building is across the bus loop from the bookstore, as shown in this map.

Map of University of Victoria, showing Student Union Building.

We’ve made illustrated directions to our office, in case you are unfamiliar with the SUB lower level. (There is lots of other good stuff down here, too.)

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1. Head downstairs.

Stairs are located inside the north entrance, across from Munchie Bar. There is also an elevator.

The AVP office is downstairs in the Student Union Building.

Walking down the stairs to the Anti-Violence Project.

2. Follow the orange line to AVP.

Our office is down a hallway, along the orange line.

The orange line leads to the Anti-Violence Project.

Walking through the hallway to the AVP office.

Our office is right at the end, marked with a sign.

The Anti-Violence Project office is right at the end of the hall.