The Men’s Circle at UVic is a space where men and masculine-identified folks, including (but not limited to!) transmasculine, genderqueer, and non-binary folks, can meet to:

  • Connect with others with similar and shared identities
  • Learn about the systems and structures that uphold gender-based violence
  • Share lived experiences and stories
  • Work on strategies for dismantling and challenging gender-based violence, dominant constructions of masculinity, and other structures of oppression on campus and in the larger community

Folks are invited to participate in unlearning and challenging patriarchy and other various interlocking forms of oppression, in our minds and in our communities. This also means that it’s a space for folks who have caused harm to come and be a part of growth, healing, and accountability.

captain, Billy, Jonathan and Brydon standing together after a Men's Circle meeting at Meegan (Beacon Hill Park), near Dallas Road.

When? Every two weeks.

Where? On-campus, usually in the Student Union Building.

Who? All men and masculine-identified members of the community (not just UVic students & staff!), including trans, genderqueer and non-binary folks. We’re always excited to meet newcomers!

Snacks are sometimes provided by attendees.

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Upcoming Circles

*Men’s Circle gatherings are on hold during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please sign up for our newsletter or like us on Facebook for updates*

Newcomers are invited!

Don’t worry if you missed our last Men’s Circle conversation. Every gathering is new but we also review – and generally repetition is important for human brains!


Take a look at our resources on masculinity and men.


The Men’s Circle Coordinating Collective would like to acknowledge that the Men’s Circle takes place on W̱SÁNEĆ and Lekwungen traditional territory. As a group of settler men and masculine-identified folks, we particularly want to name that heteropatriarchy has been a primary tool of colonization, through violence on the land and bodies of Indigenous people, and in the ongoing attempts to impose settler patriarchal masculinities on Indigenous men. This leads us to the understanding that learning to practice an accountable and feminist masculinity must also grapple with the need to show up in solidarity with Indigenous resurgence.


The Men’s Circle was created by the Anti-Violence Project, and is accountable and in relation to them. We also strive to be accountable to the wider community in which we exist. We’re wanting to be better at that; the group isn’t perfect, and neither is the journey.

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Men’s Circle Resources

Access our resources, including the Men’s Circle formal funding report and our document Shifting Cultures: Some thoughts and reflections about the Anti-Violence Project’s Men’s Circle.


Past Circles

Learn about some of the projects and issues we’ve worked on in the past.

Past Circles