Here are some of AVP’s hand-outs and pamphlets. You are welcome to download these, print them off and use them.


DIY Consent Guide! (PDF)
Offers information about consent, what it is and why it is so important, how to engage in consensual sex, and how to avoid assaulting someone.

What We Do at AVP (PDF)
Offers information about our services, a description of gender-based violence and the social and cultural contributors, and information for someone who has recently experienced gender-based violence.

What You Can Do about Gender-Based Violence (PDF)
Offers information on bystander intervention, how to support someone who has experienced gender-based violence and some prevention tips.

Intimate Partner Violence (PDF)
Offers information on intimate partner violence, forms of abuse within relationships and support.

Sexualized harassment: Street, classroom, workplace and criminal harassment (PDF)
Provides information on different forms of sexualized harassment, what to do if you are experiencing sexualized harassment and how we can all take action about it.

Sexualized violence and sexualized assault: information and resources (PDF)
Offers information about sexualized violence and assault, how to get support, how to support someone and resources on and off-campus.


Pamphlet about Gender Inclusive Washrooms (PDF)