Have you caused harm to someone else? Has someone told you that you violated their boundaries or hurt them? Have you reflected on your actions and realized that you may have been violent towards someone?

It can be very difficult to confront the truth about hurting someone, or to begin to do the work of looking within oneself at the ways in which you’ve caused harm. But this is very important work, for if sexualized violence is going to end, we need to find ways to look at the harm that we’ve done and support this kind of work to happen.

At the Anti.Violence.Project, we work with people who have caused harm, as well as experienced it. Our support for people who have caused harm is based on a few things:

  • Is the person willing to look at their own behaviour and take accountability?
  • We are not currently supporting the person that this person has harmed
  • We feel that one-on-one counselling would be useful in this situation

If you have caused harm and would like to speak with us about taking responsibility, accountability and action, you are welcome to contact us. We also have resources available about support if you have caused harm.