Website and social media policy

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Website and social media policy

Our team is dedicated to sharing information about the Anti-Violence Project, as well as articles, stories, and videos that centre around supporting survivors, promoting consent, and working to end gender-based and sexualized violence. We also try to support and share information on workshops and events that are related to these topics.

If you need support about something on our website or social media

We are very open to comments, suggestions, and feedback and would be happy to hear anything you’d like to share. You can communicate feedback to us via our website, or message us on social media. You can also reach out to us during our support hours to talk, if that feels okay to you.

If you need support about something on another page or website

If you see an upsetting or triggering post or image on another page or website, and would like support from us about it, please contact us. We don’t have the capacity to engage in conversations and discussions on other pages and websites, but we can help in offering feedback to other organizations or groups online, and you can reach out to us during our support hours to talk.

Responding to messages and comments

While we strive to respond to all messages and comments in a timely manner, our staff work part-time and we’re sadly not available 24/7. If you see a harmful comment on one of our posts, please message the AVP social media account and we will do our best to address it as soon as possible.

Comments that contain any threats, that promote any forms of violence or oppression, or that otherwise disrespect AVP’s values will be deleted and the accounts that made them will be blocked. If you’re interested in discussing why something was deleted, please message us or contact us by email.

Sharing our content

We are excited for people to share our content. If you are wanting to change any language in the resources we share, please check in with us.


We strive to make all content posted on this page accessible for all users. To that end, all videos we link to or post will either have captions or will have a transcript in the post for the video. We also strive to add image descriptions to all of our posts. If you have any other accessibility concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


We strive to respect and be accountable to everyone who follows this page. To that end, we will:

  • Name all sources of material posted on our page.
  • Include content warnings for any content we think might be triggering to survivors
  • Listen to and respond to concerns of our followers. If we do something wrong, we’ll own it, work to be accountable and/or do relationship repair, and we will hold our mistakes as learning opportunities.

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