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6 Ways to Support Sex Workers in Your Community

written by Peers Victoria, posted here with permission

Sex workers are part of many communities, and there are people in the sex industry in your communities. Sex workers come from diverse backgrounds and there are many ways you can show support! Here are 6 ways to begin this conversation…

  • RECOGNIZE diversity: The sex industry is a diverse place, like any other sector of work! There is a spectrum of experiences, perspectives, and identities (e.g. diversity in race, class, gender, age, ability, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.), as well as many different sectors of work. Keep in mind that folks who are already marginalized for other aspects of their identities (e.g. trans people, indigenous people) are disproportionally targeted for violence in the sex industry.
  • EDUCATE yourself! (and others): When learning about sex work, seek out resources that centre sex workers voices and experiences, or come from organizations that support sex work leadership and rights.
  • DISRUPT jokes that poke fun at sex work/workers: Yes, people do make jokes about sex work/workers (e.g. strippers)…If you hear a joke like this explain that dehumanizing sex workers by making fun of them, or their profession, is not cool/okay. Jokes that put down sex workers contribute to the shame and violence surrounding the sex industry.
  • USE your power: How do your personal identities (race, class, gender, age, ability, etc.) shape your understanding of sex work? What is your relationship to the sex industry?; are you -a friend or classmate of a sex worker? a porn enthusiast? a sex worker? We encourage you to reflect on your identities and how you can creatively leverage your privilege(s) to support sex workers in your community.
  • REMEMBER that consent is an integral part of the sex industry: Consent is an integral part of sex work. Sex workers have been leaders in advocating for body autonomy and the right to set boundaries in their workplaces and beyond for decades!
  • SUPPORT sex work leadership & community action: attend events in your community that support sex workers and sex worker rights, follow us at https://www.facebook.com/PeersVictoria

Thank you! Whoever you are, WE NEED YOU, supporting sex worker’s autonomy and rights in our movements!

Sex Work 101 Workshop

Wednesday February 28th , 2018, 3:00 – 5:30pm – hosted by Peers Victoria

Peers Victoria Resources Society will be facilitating a workshop on Sex Work 101! There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding sex work and we’re here to bust them with you! Let’s talk about the effects of stigma, and strategies for destigmatizing sex work. We’ll bring print resources and safer sex supplies. Hope to see you there.

Get registered!

Location: University of Victoria, Student Union Building, B025
Free, and open to students and community members.

Questions? Accessibility Needs? Email

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