coming soon: “Thinking About Healing” zine

the front cover of the healing zine. a grey-green background with drawings of flowers and leaves poking out like a sunset from the words "healing"

Gender galaxy poster

Poster with lots of text on it, including: "Gender can be like a Galaxy..."

Download this poster as a PDF so you can reproduce it yourself!

Gender galaxy poster (PDF 8MB) 

Gender galaxy poster, lower resolution (PDF 3MB) 

This poster is based on a Tumblr post that we can no longer find but are super grateful for. Poster text was written by the fierce-hearted Liza Brechbill, poster artwork by the talented Cassandra Everitt, and special thanks to Calum MacConell for support with graphics and layout.

2016 stickers

strength_2016 rapeculture_2016_2 everyday_practice_2016 (1) care_2016 (2) ask_2016

Consent Coasters & postcards

May I pollinate you? Asks the bee to the flower
Get consent!
Can I give you a peck? (asks one bird to another)
Consent is for everyone.
Do you mind if I sharpen my tip? (Asks a pencil to a sharpener)