We have two online formats of our zines: (1) PDF files that can be viewed on-screen or printed, or (2) text-only web pages that are more accessible to people who use speech readers. We also have paper copies available if you want a printed version.

Grounding: Some Ideas & Some More Ideas
(PDF or text only)

Images from collaged AVP zine on grounding. On the right half of the image is line drawings of flowers with the text "grounding: some ideas". On the left half of the page is text with ideas for ways to feel grounded.

Thinking About Healing
(PDF or text only)

the front cover of the healing zine. a grey-green background with drawings of flowers and leaves poking out like a sunset from the words "healing"

Gender galaxy poster

Poster with lots of text on it, including: "Gender can be like a Galaxy..."

Download this poster as a PDF so you can reproduce it yourself!

Gender galaxy poster (PDF 8MB) 

Gender galaxy poster, lower resolution (PDF 3MB) 

This poster is based on a Tumblr post that we can no longer find but are super grateful for. Poster text was written by the fierce-hearted Liza Brechbill, poster artwork by the talented Cassandra Everitt, and special thanks to Calum MacConell for support with graphics and layout.

2016 stickers

strength_2016 rapeculture_2016_2 everyday_practice_2016 (1) care_2016 (2) ask_2016

Consent Coasters & postcards

May I pollinate you? Asks the bee to the flower
Get consent!
Can I give you a peck? (asks one bird to another)
Consent is for everyone.
Do you mind if I sharpen my tip? (Asks a pencil to a sharpener)