Even if you feel like what you’ve experienced might not be gender-based violence, if you would like to talk to us, that’s what we’re here for. Get in touch with us by dropping in, scheduling an appointment, or sending us an email.

Support hours

Mondays: 10am to 12pm (every two weeks)

Wednesdays: 11am to 4:30pm

Thursdays: 12pm to 2pm

To book an appointment:
Call: 250-472-4388
Email: support@antiviolenceproject.org
Drop by: UVic Student Union Building, Basement B024

Our support services are for everyone

We are located in the Student Union Building basement, for more information on how to find us, check out our contact page.

If you are trying to reach us and are not able to or it is outside of our office hours, please contact the following numbers.

Crisis contacts

If you need to reach someone right away, please contact:

  • The Vancouver Island Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888
  • KUU-US crisis line: 1-800-588-8717 (Indigenous-specific crisis support)
  • The Victoria Sexual Assault Center (VSAC): Access the 24-hour Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) via the Vancouver Island Crisis Line, 1-888-494-3888; for VSAC counselling, support groups, or Victim Services call the VSAC service line 250-383-3232 or email . Note that as of April 2018 the VSAC crisis line has been discontinued and calls to the VSAC service line may take a few days for staff response.
  • UVic Campus Security: 250-721-7599

Asking for help

Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. When you’re asking for help about an issue that might feel really private, confusing, and/or embarrassing it’s important to get support that is non-judgmental, no pressure, and informed. We’re not here to judge or evaluate your experience or tell you what to do, but to offer support, information and resources.

Our support services are totally confidential and available to anyone who has experienced violence or knows someone who has. We can provide you with emotional support, information about services on and off campus, and help in connecting with the services that might be right for you. We have a team of trained volunteers who provide support as well as staff members.

Everyone and all genders are welcome and other accessibility info

Our services are for anyone of any gender who has experienced sexualized and/or gender-based violence including trans, genderqueer, 2spirit, and gender non-conforming people. We also have folks of a variety of genders and sexualities to support you. Please ask if there is something that will make accessing the space easier.

We also support people who (think they might) have caused harm. We work from a place of non-disposability where everyone gets an opportunity to be accountable and (un)learn.

You don’t have to be a UVic student to contact us or come in to the office. Also, you can access services whether or not you have immigration status. We believe in access not fear and so will never ask your immigration / documentation status. We realize that the campus can be inaccessible so please let us know how we can better support you if coming to the campus is a barrier. We don’t require student identification or your personal information and you can access services anonymously if you wish.

The UVSS is a designated scent-free space and although that isn’t often respected we do our best to maintain AVP as a scent-free space. The space can be accessed by an elevator though is a short-ish walk down the hall, and we can arrange the room for wheelchair accessibility. There is a gender inclusive washroom down the hall in the UVic Pride space and on the main floor of the SUB. We can access transcription and ASL services when required. We have a couch and a variety of kinds of chairs, the support room has windows that open, and we can help with bus tickets. If there are other things that will help you access the space or support from a distance please let us know and we’ll do our best.

Additional resources

Please see our Resources for more information and links about online, local and on- and off-campus resources for support, healing, information, advocacy and action.

We have a number of handouts and pamphlets that are available to download and print. You can also access these at our office or by contacting us.