Meeting at the Instersections: conversations on preventing sexualized violence on campus

Meeting at the Intersections: Conversations on preventing sexualized violence on campus

It’s Sexualized Violence Awareness Week at UVic right now. And this week Darnell Moore and Anna Soole sat down on the stage in Vertigo in the Student’s Union Building and were kind enough to share their wisdom about the prevalence and structure of sexualized violence and what we can do about it. It was a free event and the room filled up with students, staff and community members from off campus.

Moore and Soole  had much to say about campus violence, the structure of power, colonization and intersecting layers of oppression. The audience were also eager participants as the speakers engaged the crowd and asked them to share their stories and insights about gender.

There was also a spoken word performance from the Victoria Youth Poet Laureate, Zoë Duhaime which was fantastic!

Many thanks to the UVSS, and to Judicial Affairs to help bring this panel and all of Sexualized Violence Awareness Week to campus. Also, many thanks to the countless volunteers and caring community members who are helping make our work happen.

Darnell L. Moore is a Senior Editor at MicNews and Co-Managing/Editor at The Feminist Wire. Along with NFL player Wade Davis II, he co-founded YOU Belong, a social good company focused on the development of diversity initiatives. Read more about Moore.

Anna Soole is Métis of the Cree, Ojibwe and Lakota First Nations, and she’s a senior trainer, speaker, and educator for nearly two decades. She has practiced as a Social Justice Facilitator, Assertiveness Coach, and Forum Theatre Practitioner at provincial, national, and international levels. Read more about Soole.

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