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By Anti-Violence Project | 2017-03-17 | News

People are congregating on a breakwater watching the waves come in and standing together in community.

We’ve been asked by a community member to respond to the increase in conversations on campus about white supremacy resulting from a wall that’s been erected at the Student Union Bldg that reads, “How do you challenge white supremacy?” While these conversations about naming and challenging white supremacy are crucial in the current culture, we also know that folks who are IBPOC (Indigenous and/or Black and/or Persons of Colour), especially visibly IBPOC, often experience violence when these conversations happen and/or end up doing the emotional labour of unpacking white supremacy and/or racism with White people.

We know this most often happens out of ignorance and not a desire to say or do racist things, or to hold racist beliefs. We also know intention often does not equal impact. IBPOC folks rarely go a day without experiencing white supremacy and/or racism and the added impact of these conversations is extra draining as it requires energy that we need to do things like homework and make ourselves food.

As a community based response, we’re partnering with The Students of Colour Collective to provide support by, and for, IBPOC folks for the next two weeks. Most volunteers will be from SOCC and a few from AVP and all are IBPOC but may be white-passing. Here’s where and when you can find us:

Monday 10 – 1 SUB B024
Monday 2:30 – 4:30 SUB room B017
Tues 10-12 SUB room B017
Tues 1-3 SUB room B020 (SOCC)
Tuesday 3-5 SUB room B017
Wednesday 10-12 SUB room B020 (SOCC)
Wednesday 1-3 SUB room B020 (SOCC)
Thurs 10-12 SUB B024
Thursday 2:30 – 4:30 SUB room B017
Friday 10-1 SUB B024

AVP is filled with love and hope because of all the IBPOC folks who came forward with offers to do support and care for community members.

IBPOC Support Hours

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