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What we got up to Jan – April 2017

Another semester is done and we want to con-grad-ulate everyone for all their accomplishments whether you graduated or not, whether you remained in classes, dropped out, or took some time off. We know how much it work it can take to get through a semester especially if you dealing with things like violence and/or mental health. Whatever you did to make it through – great job! We’re also interested in letting you know what we got up to this past semester, mostly highlighting our accomplishments including taking some time off to take care of our mental health.

On-going over the semester

  • Practicum students – 2. We had students complete practicums from both Social Justice Studies (50 hours) and Social Work (300 hours). Thanks so much to Brydon and Desiree for being part of our team for the semester.
  • Sexualized Violence Policy – consultations, policy writing, community feedback, hiring Sexualized Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator. Mostly Kenya Rogers did this work for us, but other staff contributed to policy consultation and supporting Kenya and her hard work. The policy was approved by the Board of Governors in March and went into effect May 19.
  • Accountability Process – over the course of several months we worked with a student who caused harm in the form of sexualized violence. This student engaged in a process to examine their behaviour and learn about how these harms are normalized and upheld in our society, and how to start unlearning them.






  • 3 consent workshops
  • 1 Supporting A Survivor workshop
  • 2 support sessions
  • 1 Men’s Circle
  • 1 break for staff for mental wellness

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