AVP says... 'Sex and respect.'

An Introduction to Survivors’ Writing

The Anti.Violence.Project provides this space on our website for survivors who wish to break the silence surrounding gender-based violence and share their stories.

Use care with yourself: Some of the content featured in this section may be upsetting or triggering (or empowering!) to read/watch/listen to. Please use your own discretion in choosing to browse these materials. We welcome your feedback and if you would like confidential support, please contact the Anti.Violence.Project or one of our recommended contacts.

Post your own story

If you would like to have your story/poem published on our site, please drop by our office or post or email it to us. Please type “Website – personal story submission” in the subject line of any emails.

All stories and poems are kept anonymous unless you request otherwise, and will be reviewed prior to posting online. If you would like us to remove your story from our site at any time, please contact us.

We welcome people in support of survivors and ending gender-based violence to submit as well.

The writing