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Eight ways you can support “Yes for AVP”

On November 8th and 9th, UVic undergraduate students have the chance to vote for an increase in financial support to the Anti-Violence Project. Voting yes for AVP means more resources for support, education, and advocacy to end sexualized and gender-based violence. There is currently more demand for our services than we can meet.

For AVP to get a funding increase, there needs to be quorum of 2,791 voters, with 51% of voters saying yes for AVP. So, voting is definitely important.

As always with AVP, we love an enthusiastic yes, a firm no, and an uncertain maybe! On that note, if you’re not sure about voting yes for AVP, that’s totally OK. We are happy to talk with you about any questions you might have. There’s also more information at about some of the reasons why to vote yes.

If you already know you’re voting yes (thank you!) and you’re looking for ways to support our campaign, here are a few ideas of things that you can do between now and November 8th.

  1. Share our campaign page to Facebook:
  2. Talk with UVic undergrads (friends, family, people in your classes, etc.) about the work that AVP does and why you support a Yes vote. If you want, you can point them to for info about the vote. It’s also helpful to let folks know that voting can be done online via
  3. Sign up at for a one-time automated message to go thru your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr on the morning of November 8th, reminding UVic undergrads to vote and providing a link to the online voting system. It takes around 5 seconds to sign up. All supporter messages go out at the same time, like a social media flash mob. You will get to see exactly what would be posted, and you can add your own customized message if you want.
  4. Ask your friends if anyone wants to be part of a text or phone tree so you can remind each other to vote on Nov 8th & 9th.
  5. If you’re part of a UVic club or course union, ask about a third-party endorsement of “Yes for AVP”. All clubs and course unions were emailed on November 1st providing information about how clubs and course unions can support. We can send you that information if you want to personally bring it to the coordinators/executive of your club or course union (email us at , call 250-721-8080, or drop by SUB B027).
  6. Contact AVP if you want to help get the word out by chalking, handing out flyers, doing classroom talks, etc. Email ">, call 250-721-8080, or drop by SUB B027. Note that to comply with referendum rules AVP needs to track any print materials, so if you want to hand out flyers please come to AVP and we will give you some you can use.
  7. Boost AVP on social media by following AVP, and liking and sharing/retweeting our posts:

  1. Download this image to share on your instagram:

Sketch of two birds sitting on a branch, facing each other with speech bubbles coming from the birds' beaks. The speech bubble on the left bird reads
Do you have other suggestions? We’d love to hear your creative ideas!

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