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*Closed for 2022/2023* JOIN the Advisory Collective!

*UPDATE: The deadline to apply has been extended to Monday, May 9th, 2022*

Over the last couple of years the folks at AVP have been reflecting on how we can be better held accountable to and informed by, the communities we serve. This is where YOU come in! Members of the Advisory Collective (AC) will bring their knowledge, experience, and passion to advise, assist, and support AVP in the strategic development of services, programs, and projects that fight against gender-based and sexualized violence on campus and in the wider community. 

Who are we looking for?

5 to 10 undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Victoria, and community members who are passionate about ending gender-based and sexualized violence. We are looking for folks whose values align with AVP’s lens and who hold a strong background in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Decolonization practices
  • Transformative justice
  • Non-profit organizational accountability and transparency
  • Non-profit organizational finance and budgeting
  • Intersectional approaches to social justice 
  • Sexualized violence education and prevention
  • Community engagement
  • Student engagement and perspectives
AVP strongly encourages Indigenous,Black,self-identified people of colour, people with disabilities,queer,and transgender people to apply. Preference will be given to qualified applicants who self-identify as being from marginalized communities and groups who face systemic barriers. Applicants who wish to do so may self-identify in their application.

Please note that this is a volunteer role which is advisory in nature. Membership terms will be for the duration of two years. The AC will meet at least three times a year (May, July, and December). The first meeting will be in May 2022. Additionally, AC members are required to attend a mandatory online orientation in May 2022. For more information about eligibility and a full breakdown of the role, please read the AC Terms of Reference.

As a member your duties will include:

  • Providing advice and guidance in setting the priorities of AVP, and encouraging organizational transparency.
  • Supporting staff when they experience challenges and assisting in finding collaborative solutions when identified goals aren’t being met. 
  • Assisting in expanding community engagement with AVP, and our commitment to meaningfully engage with the project of decolonization. 
  • Share expertise and additional resources that will increase the capacity of our staff and volunteers. 
  • Attending at least three meetings per year. 
  • Being available for up to one hour per month of additional consultation (in person or one the phone/video call) at the discretion of the AC member. 
  • Allowing the Anti-Violence Project to publish your name as a member of the AC.

Please read the AC Terms of Reference for the full list of member duties.

In return, the Anti-Violence Project promises you:

  • A meal provided at every meeting 
  • An appreciation of your time and a commitment not to abuse your time, energy and generosity. 
  • Accessibility support (i.e bus tickets, transcription, interpreters, child care support and reimbursement for any parking costs)

Meeting accessibility

Due to the pandemic, Advisory Collective meetings will be held online over Zoom until further notice. In-meeting accessibility services such as transcription and interpreters will be provided by AVP upon request. Additional accessibility supports such as bus tickets, child care support, and parking costs can also be provided by AVP. 

How to apply

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Advisory Collective (AC) for the Anti-Violence Project! Please fill out the application form . Applications are due by Monday, May 9th at 11:59 pm PST. 

We aim to make the Advisory Collective as accessible a space as possible. With this in mind, if there are alternate ways/formats that would better enable you to apply for the Advisory Collective (such as over the phone or a video call) please reach out to Elaine at or 250-721-8080 and she will happily work with you to find what works best :)

After reviewing applications we may have follow-up questions for short-listed applicants. All applicants will be informed of the outcome by May 14th, 2022. Successful candidates will then be invited to attend the Advisory Collective online orientation in mid/late May. More details about this orientation to come. 

About the Anti-Violence Project

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is the on-campus sexual assault center on campus that provides sex-positive, anti-oppressive services that support, prevent and challenge gender-based and sexualized violence. We offer services to people of all genders who have been impacted by violence both on and off-campus. Our education and advocacy initiatives on campus and in the community include workshops as well as collaborative events and campaigns to raise awareness about gender-based and sexualized violence and to foster a culture of consent and care. Check out our website at antiviolenceproject.org to learn more about the work we do!

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