Consent Workshops

Our consent workshops run at least once a month from Sept – April. The workshop is 2 hours long and will be held at the University of Victoria. They are free of charge, open to students and community members, and have a no late-comer policy. For more information click the link below

Consent Workshops 

Ending Gender Based Violence

The Anti.Violence.Project (AVP) is committed to addressing and ending gender-based violence on campus and beyond.

Services offered by AVP

Prevention. Support. Action

We strive to provide anti-oppressive and sex-positive services, advocacy and action on-campus and off to people of all genders, in partnership and collaboration, in order to address and resist gender-based and all forms of violence.

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Consent Workshops


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We’re looking for folks to talk back at us about our work, consent training, Sexualized Violence Awareness Week, Let’s get consensual, and the Rethinking Masculinity campaign.

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glass half full or half empty

Setting Boundaries in Community Organizing

The Anti-Violence Project is an organization that deeply values transparency. As such we feel it is important to disclose the limited capacity of our organization at this time. The reality of limited capacity means we have to establish boundaries and say no (even when we want to say yes!).

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To the Parents:

When our relationships with our kids are based in consent, they’re much more likely to be relationships that will prioritize their needs and honour their healing process…

Abstract art that reads "support."

Men and masculine identified support hours

Beginning November 9 we will be offering drop-in support hours specifically for men and masculine identified folks who have experienced gender based violence, know someone who has experienced gender based violence, or have caused harm themselves…

Trees in Cunningham woods

Developing in the Cunningham Woods is not a solution to Sexualized Violence

UVIC has released a new 10 year campus plan, which includes a proposal to construct a building in the Cunningham Woods. There are several concerns about the proposed development…

survivor messages outside the AVP office

Holding Space: Messages for Survivors

Outside of the AVP office, folks will find a large paper banner titled “Messages for Survivors” with post­-it notes…

Two comfy chairs sit in the sunny window of the Spiral Cafe, Victoria.

Support room and call out for furniture

We have a new office situation (kind of) and we’re putting the call out for a gently used love seat and a couple of gently used comfy armchairs and whatever…

Ending gender based violence