Ending Gender Based Violence

The Anti.Violence.Project (AVP) is committed to addressing and ending gender-based violence on campus and beyond.

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We strive to provide anti-oppressive and sex-positive services, advocacy and action on-campus and off to people of all genders, in partnership and collaboration, in order to address and resist gender-based and all forms of violence.

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We’re looking for folks to talk back at us about the Sexualized Violence Awareness Week, Let’s get consensual, and the Rethinking Masculinity campaign.

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Creative ways to ask to kiss (or be kissed by) someone

You have lips, I have lips. I might want to kiss you but let’s use our lips to talk about it first. When doing consent training workshops, we discover how common it is for people to feel uncomfortable practicing consent in


Red Umbrella Rally on December 17th

The Red Umbrella March is happening on Wednesday, December 17th. Join AVP in solidarity with sex workers and their allies in the movement to end laws and unjust policing that prevent sex workers from reporting violence…

People walking in a tunnel in the wake of Bill C36

Harper Government’s Bill C36 Insults Women on National Day Against Violence

The Canadian government’s new prostitution laws, Bill C36, recreates the exact violence and harm that it is ‘supposed to’ prevent…

This is the cluttered office of the outreach coordinator that wants to see your submissions!

New “editor”, also please submit

Some exciting new changes are happening over here at AVP! Answer our call for submissions…


Five ways Ghomeshi reveals rape culture

Most people are tired of Ghomeshi by now, but hopefully all this leads to more engagement in feminism, and an attempt to challenge rape culture and nurture alternatives …

Two guys talk about the steps of consent on screen

UVic, let’s get consensual

Check out our latest video, that we made for Sexualized Violence Awareness Week, outlining the six steps of consent…

Ending gender based violence