"Consent Matters" by AVP and UVSS

AVP Sexualized Violence Awareness Week Training

Autumn! Another school year is here! This year something very exciting is happening. And we really want everyone to be a part of this new initiative.

UVic is taking a critical step to address gender based violence on campus. This is a big deal. As part of this, they’re launching a campus-wide, multifaceted campaign. This campaign includes speakers, a social media strategy, student pledges, posters and videos, presentations, and (this is where we come in) consent training.

As part of UVic’s Sexualized Violence Awareness Week, we’re hosting consent training. For the whole week of September 8th to the 12th, twice a day, every day, we’re facilitating workshops designed to help you understand consent:

  • negotiating intimate partner relationships
  • understanding rape culture
  • interrogating gender binaries
  • looking at societal myths
  • strengthening relational accountability skills
  • developing your consent toolkit

Here’s more about the training. Read more.

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