Consent Workshops

Our consent workshops run at least once a month from September to April. The workshop is two hours long and will be held at the University of Victoria. They are free of charge, open to students and community members, and have a no late-comer policy.

Consent Workshops 

Find Support

Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. When you are asking for help about an issue that might feel really private, confusing and/or embarrassing, it is important to get support that is non-judgmental, without pressure, and informed.

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Supporting a Survivor Workshops

This workshop provides some foundations for supporting survivors of sexualized violence. Throughout the workshop we will discuss different approaches and tools that can be used when supporting someone. Workshops are offered several times throughout the fall and winter semesters, are open to everyone, and are free of charge.

Workshop dates and registration

The Men’s Circle

The Men’s Circle at UVic aims to challenge gender-based violence and dominant constructions of masculinity. These gatherings are open to all men and masculine identified people (not just students!) so come and bring a friend or two!

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We’re hiring a Support Coordinator

Abstract art that reads "support."

We’re hiring a new Support Coordinator to join our fabulous team! It’s a 20 hour a week position that pays $24.39/hr plus vacation pay, has a pay increase each year, and sweet benefits like medical/dental coverage. The ‘support’ in this job refers to supporting survivors, people who support survivors, and people who have caused harm. It also means supporting co-workers…

Volunteer Training…. May 2018!

a collaged poster reads: "volunteer with the anti violence project. applications due april 17th. the words are pasted on in strips, and there are cut out images of a white dog white pointy ears sleeping, and a leaf that is half orange and half green. Another cut out image is visible at the bottom of the page, but it is unclear what it is.

Volunteers play a huge role at the Anti-Violence Project. They run workshops, organize events, host drop in hours, and many many other amazing things. With our limited paid staff hours, volunteers are essential. This is why we invest so much time (and love) into training them. We are trying something different this year. We are going to host volunteer training…

Volunteer with us in 2018!

Image of 2 camels inviting people to attend Volunteer Training.

Are you interested in volunteering with AVP? Here is your chance! We’ve been hard at work planning an exciting volunteer training program for 2018. This year, the training will cover topics such as consent, care, colonization, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy and so much more (no worries if you aren’t familiar with these terms, it’s all covered in the training!). As volunteers,…

Harm Reduction and Consent

Pink background with black lines forming squares and diamonds reads "reduce harm practice consent"

Humans are messy creatures. Interacting with each other, especially in vulnerable ways, comes with risk. Although usually unintentional, we hurt each other often. In this current society we are taught entitlement to bodies from a very young age. For example, a relative can pick you up, hug you, or pinch your cheeks – even if that’s not what you want….

“Can I take your picture?”

While taking a picture of someone can seem like a fun and insignificant act, these daily acts of entitlement to people’s bodies are some of the things that keep bigger acts of non-consent as the norm. It is easy and significant to ask if it’s okay if I take your picture, to listen to your answer, and respect it, to respect your self-determination. In asking for consent I am holding you as the expert of your own self. I am working to decolonize our relationship. Learning about and practicing consent is a threat to colonialism – when all bodies are valued it is no longer just white, straight, able-bodied, cisgendered bodies that are deemed worthy, valuable, and important. Practicing these small daily acts can have a big impact.

Join Project Respect in their summer Youth Programming project on Cyberviolence & Social Justice!

For more info, join the Facebook Event:


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Volunteer with us in 2018! Applications now open!


"You can take clothes away from a person, but you can’t take a person out of the systemic structures of oppression in which we all live."... more on how dress codes reinforce systemic violence in our recent blog post:

Support Hours are back!
Mon 12:30–2:30, 4–6 pm
Tues 1–5
Weds 12–2, 3–5
Thurs 11:30–1:30
all other times by appt
Call: 250-472-4388
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"ending sexualized violence is not about getting rid of a few ‘bad apples’. Rape culture, like white supremacy, is systemic, structural, and collectively created and perpetuated."

#Dec17 is #redumbrelladay - join @PeersVictoria in working towards ending violence against sexworkers

Really really appreciate this piece by Kai Cheng Thom on the uncomfortable reliance on punitive "justice" in this moment of #MeToo and mass revelations of sexual abuse:

Whoa what a month! We did: a referendum, 3 Men's Circles, 5 workshops, 20 support sessions (905 min and a record # of sessions). Thanks again for supporting our work with a Yes in the referendum. We're stoked to be able to keep up this pace with more staffing hours!! #uvic #uvss

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