Consent Workshops

Our consent workshops run at least once a month from September to April. The workshop is two hours long and will be held at the University of Victoria. They are free of charge, open to students and community members, and have a no late-comer policy.

Consent Workshops 

Find Support

Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. When you are asking for help about an issue that might feel really private, confusing and/or embarrassing, it is important to get support that is judgemental, without pressure, and informed.

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Supporting a Survivor Workshops

This workshop provides some foundations for supporting survivors of sexualized violence. Throughout the workshop we will discuss different approaches and tools that can be used when supporting someone. Workshops are offered several times throughout the fall and winter semesters, are open to everyone, and are free of charge.

Workshop dates and registration

The Men’s Circle

The Men’s Circle at UVic aims to challenge gender-based violence and dominant constructions of masculinity. These gatherings are open to all men and masculine identified people (not just students!) so come and bring a friend or two!

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Red Umbrella Day

This Sunday, December 17th, an event for Red Umbrella Day is happening downtown from 2 to 4 p.m. Beginning in Bastion Square, there will be a gathering and march to Victoria City Hall for performances and a free meal (fry bread tacos). This year's event will include some interactive arts based activities, a burlesque number, spoken word poetry and speakers...

Why voting “Yes for AVP” matters to me

I first heard about AVP 20 years ago, when a co-worker told me about a study that estimated between 17-25% of women attending UVic would experience sexual assault during their time as a student. This study was what led to AVP (then OUR Sexual Assault Centre) being created. That statistic has stayed with me ever since, and it was in...

Racist, anti-Jewish, white supremacist posters on campus

Recently there have been posters put up on campus expressing racist, anti-Jewish, white supremacist messages. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. There is a long history of racist, anti-Jewish, white supremacist graffiti and postering both on the UVic campus and in the wider community. We understand that extremist views such as those on the posters that just went up...

Eight ways you can support “Yes for AVP”

On November 8th and 9th, UVic undergraduate students have the chance to vote for an increase in financial support to the Anti-Violence Project. Voting yes for AVP means more resources for support, education, and advocacy to end sexualized and gender-based violence. There is currently more demand for our services than we can meet. For AVP to get a funding increase,...

We’re hiring a Public Relations (Outreach) Coordinator

** All applications must be submitted to or dropped off at the General Office at the Student Union Bldg UVic. Applications sent directly to AVP will not be accepted** Posting closes Monday November 6, 4 pm 21-25 hours/week, term position, $24.09/hr + vacation pay JOB DESCRIPTION AVP PUBLIC RELATIONS (OUTREACH) COORDINATOR – ANTI-VIOLENCE PROJECT UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA STUDENTS’ SOCIETY...


"You can take clothes away from a person, but you can’t take a person out of the systemic structures of oppression in which we all live."... more on how dress codes reinforce systemic violence in our recent blog post:

Support Hours are back!
Mon 12:30–2:30, 4–6 pm
Tues 1–5
Weds 12–2, 3–5
Thurs 11:30–1:30
all other times by appt
Call: 250-472-4388
SUB B024
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"ending sexualized violence is not about getting rid of a few ‘bad apples’. Rape culture, like white supremacy, is systemic, structural, and collectively created and perpetuated."

#Dec17 is #redumbrelladay - join @PeersVictoria in working towards ending violence against sexworkers

Really really appreciate this piece by Kai Cheng Thom on the uncomfortable reliance on punitive "justice" in this moment of #MeToo and mass revelations of sexual abuse:

Whoa what a month! We did: a referendum, 3 Men's Circles, 5 workshops, 20 support sessions (905 min and a record # of sessions). Thanks again for supporting our work with a Yes in the referendum. We're stoked to be able to keep up this pace with more staffing hours!! #uvic #uvss

This year our #ConsentComesFirst team has expanded to include Yami Msosa & Jiaqing Wilson Yang. I love learning with them. @kitjiaqing & @YamiJMsosa.

From the Martlet Archives: A 1998 news story detailing the first paid coordinator for the AVP (what was once known as the Open UVic Resource Sexual Assault Centre). Recently students voted on increasing the AVP's fee levy for the first time since 1998.

3955 students voted in the referendum (~21%). 74% of those who voted voted “yes” to the few increase.

The results are in: the @AVP_UVic referendum has passed. 21 per cent of eligible students voted, 74 per cent of whom voted in favour.

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